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Attention all Blues fans in the Middle east! All of Birmingham City’s matches are shown live in HD at:

Crown and Lion Bar
Hotel Byblos
Al Barsha
United Arab Emirates

Tel: 04 4488 000

Come and join the Middle East Bluenoses for a pint and a chip butty. No need to call in advance, just show up - newcomers welcome!


Activities & Events

Want to get involved? Here's what's happening in the near future...

Villa Relegation Party

This has been on the cards for a few years. We'll be shitting on the Villa again next season but in the meantime we will be celebrating their relegation with a bit of a shindig in the bar. The date is as yet unconfirmed but it won't be long now! As soon as their relegation is mathematically confirmed, we'll do it the next available Friday night. So keep an eye on the Premier League table and get ready to celebrate....

Betting Syndicate

Some of the guys have been asking for this for a while, so we're delighted to announce the formation of the new BME betting syndicate. Now being based where we are, obviously there are not too many bookies around on the high street! So we will of course be doing our betting online. The plan is we all contribute a small stake each week, and then get on some of the enhanced betting offers that the UK bookies are promoting every week. We might split the stake if there are some good enhanced odds, or sometimes we'll put it all into a big enhanced accumulator and go for the big payout. Either way it's just a bit of fun, so let us know if you want to be involved!

5 A Side

Anyone feeling fit? Again a couple of lads have been asking for this so we were hoping to get a 5-A-Side team together. We have a couple of decent players here so we're thinking of entering a local league and if all goes well, possible the 5 a side tournament in Dubai. Don't be put off if you only want to play for fun, we still want to hear from you. If we get the numbers we'd love to have more than one team, maybe first and seconds. This means we can enter more than one league. If you're interested in playing, please let us know.